Monday, July 28, 2008


K. So for Girl's Camp, Tenley, Mandy and I made Disney Princess shirts because the camp theme was Princess Academy. Tenley was
Princess Belle, Mandy was Princess
Aurora, and I was Princess Ariel
(chosen for their hair color). First we went to Michaels and got shirts and later went to my house to tie die (thanks to mandy's tie dye kit) then decorated at Tenley's house and my house. On the front was the title of the movie the princess was in, on the back was their name and an item that represented them, I did the items and writing. On Tenley's shirt we drew (traced. lol) a rose, Mandy's was a magic wand and mine as you can tell in the picture was a sea shell and triton. I took the pictures of tenley's and mandy's before mine was finished. :( Camp was so much fun and 4th year pictures and camp pics will be coming soon!

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