Sunday, June 29, 2008

Youth BBQ

Youth BBQ was a blast! I luv my church buddies!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heres some old pics my dad! I know you'll enjoy these! lol

My mom is going to flip when she finds out these are on here!

All right, these are my parent's wedding anouncment pictures!
Arent they cute!

It's Me!! This is 1994 and im about 2-3 years old! Wow that it a long time ago! i just thought it would be fun to put some old pics up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

All right! Its fathers day after church! Dad got the usual, chocolate covered raisens, peanut m&ms and licorice. Of course we didnt know until day of cuz it was a suprise from us that we couldnt know about...umm that made no sense. anyways im sure you've had an experience like that before. It happens at Christmas too...
so yeah, Fathers Day woo hoo!

This is my sis Emily. Shes 10 years old, almost 11! Shes going to be in 6th grade at Twality Middle School! I cant believe that shes in middle school now! I kinda wish we were closer in age so that we could go to school together. anyways, this is during one of her softball games, i think its her second year doing it and she is pretty dang good! So yeah watch out all you other wimpy softball players, she come and get yah!

ok...dont ask, i was sitting on the couch waiting for a friend to pick me up and all of a sudden the photo monster aka my mom ,CAME OUT AND GOT ME!!! I dont know whats up with all the blondeness but its not my real color i am a true redhead, so dont freak out! lol. anyways that shirt is too small in the shoulders and hopefully you will never see me in it again. sorry the first couple pictures are scary, actually they all are!

More Summer Fun...
k, this was the same day, i found more pics so that was exciting.....i dont know why we took pics so dont ask. there wasnt a special occasion or anything so you didnt miss out! but you did miss out on my crazy hair!

well, actually this wasn' summer yet but a couple weeks before. dont pay attention to the date, my camera is really weird, just like me! lol. anyways these are like the best 1st cousins once removed! at least i think thats what they are, they are some sort of cousin none the less! Kaitlin is in the blue and Tenley is in the pink!