Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

On Monday and Tuesday (yes its random) we all went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. We all had a blast! The Howlin' Toranado was as scary as people said it was.:) We stayed in the Kids Cabin -though it could have been a little bit bigger- we were all comfortable. The First day we arrived around 1:30pm ande checked into our room, after we checked in we went to the water park. THE WATER PARK IS HUGE! The biggest thing was the giant big bucket on top of the structure thingy.

We played in the water park till around 9:00pm, poor Marky was scared of being in the water, I would take him in and then he would cry for a little and would be okay soon, he loved sitting on the floating snake, this happened everytime we would get back into the water- boy were we tired after that day!

The next morning we ate cereal in the room and then made our way to the water park around 10:00am. We played until around noon and had Pizza Hut for lunch...yum! We went back to playing in the water-lots of time was spent in the wave pool (mom's favorite) And about 10 times of going on the Howlin' Tornado. The highlight of the whole trip was getting all of us kids and dad to stay on the floaty snake- it doesnt look to hard to stay on but ask Dad, even he had a hard time-especially as we would all try to push him off. lol. After cleaning up and showering, we left the Lodge and headed back home! Stopping at McDonalds on the way.

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